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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Earn $5000 to $10000 per month by writing articles on internet

Did you ever think it was possible to get paid to write articles? This may be surprising, but there are actually writers who write for a living and get paid to do so. They also earn anything from a few hundred dollars to fifty thousand dollars annually. I have personally hired writers to write on topics that I do not know much about like gambling. This was mainly to get expert content on a gambling web site. I found the writer on Elance where I could view their reputation first and it cost me twenty five dollars per article. Now imagine this writer were to write ten articles a day that is two hundred and fifty dollars a day. If they do this for twenty working days that equals five thousand dollars a month which is a fairly decent income.
Even if you are not a writer this is a skill you can learn in a few months. There are a number of top quality books on the subject that will help you to get started. A general tip that has helped me a lot in my writing is to write without the crutch words likw is, was, were ,etc.
You will find that your sentences flow better by limiting the overuse of these words.
You need to find customers once you have built up your writing skills. You can do this using the following two ways. Advertise on Elance or similar web sites and build a reputation for yourself. You can also contact web sites that have newsletters or web sites that require content.
Using these tips you can easily build an income and get paid to write articles. This is actually a lot easier than what you think. However, make sure that you stick to topics that you are an expert on.

Who will buy my articles ?

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