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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Make your blog unique TO ATTRACT MORE READERS

Evaluate the Competition
It’s inevitable that you came across your competition when you were identifying your audience. With the growing popularity of commercial blogging, it’s often quite easy to stumble across those who already have a presence in your area. PLAN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY !

Write for readers not for search engines !
I came across many blogger in order to get traffic write their blogs in aterrible manner ! It is so problematic for readers THINK FROM READERS PERSPECTIVES !

Provide the platform for visitors
As you can see in my right sidebar their is shout box named "FEEL IT SAY IT !" It really works nice and you get lot of feedback related to your work isnt it?

Make your brand
make your customised logo ,avoid to be a part of crowd stand tall by means of cool graphics and widgets (look at my side bar)
Below is example ofgraphic .It draws attention !
check out here for free gadgets and nice graphic !

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