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Friday, February 6, 2009

Top advertising programmes to make money from your blog

One of the major money earners for online marketers is pay per click program today. Even though there are several other ways to make money online too but Pay Per Click programs are the best choice for internet marketers since is easy to earn money without any sales. Even though the earning from these programs started diminishing slowly but it is still popular and if done it right you can still make tons of money online.

Here is some of the top popular pay per click affiliate program where you can make money online:

Top 10 Advertising Programs

If you are an online publisher concerned in getting an general list of the capability to earn online, and If you are serious about monetizing your online content, or looking to place relevant banner ads on target websites and blogs, here you can find some handy references that I want to offer to my readers.

Adsense- (9/10)

is perhaps one of the most popular ones for indipendent publisher because it is pretty simple to use. You’ve probably seen them around. Once Web publishers enroll in this program can add text, image and, video advertisements next to the content on their sites.These ads are distributed by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-thousand-impressions basis. Google also launched beta-testing a cost-per-action based service.
There are dozens of Advertisments program nowadays so that for newbies it is getting more difficult from day to day to find the correct solution for their Website. I have been using Advertisment-programs since the beginning of this year and started in February with Google-ADsense. Adsense is easy to set up and configurable. Here a short definition

Yahoo-It allows to display banner ads into a contextual environment of your site and earn money from qualified clicks. Yahoo has set up automated and efficient processes for sign up, site validation, ad targeting, and fraud detection. Generates an efficient marketplace by bringing together the most relevant and high-performing content from Advertisers and Publishers

It is another AD-Serving Website that pays per Click or per month. AdBrite serves ads on more than 45,000 websites, according to their published stats and is the 10th largest ad network on the Internet (MediaMatrix). Adbrite also has a subcompany for Adult-Advertisments - AVN Ads: The Internet's Adult Ad Marketplace.
-All kind of Adzones available. Banner, Square, Leaderboard, Skyscrapper and customizable Form. Also available: Inline Advertisments and D-Layer HTML Popup advertisments. You can adjust all colours and styles of the AD-Zone.
-You have to enter general Keywords for your site upon launching an advertisment campaign to determine your websites Keywords. As you usually do not know more that 20 keywords, adbrite usually does not display very content related advertisments. A clear point against Adbrite, for google. I have never seen a content related Advertisment whenever I saw pages with Adbrite.
-You can set pricing for Advertisment-Zones. This allows advertisers to buy advertisments directly for some days or weeks even months on your website for a specific amount of money. That is really helpfull as you have that money safe then. A clear pro for Adbrite.
-You need to setup Adzones on Adbrite but unfortunately the process of setting those up is rather long and complicated. It always annoyed me as you have to enter Keywords yourself and need to double check all settings (there are many settings).
-It takes ages till your Adzones start working (if they ever work correctly) - usually about 6 hours.
-You have a personal link which you can give to friends to recruit them. This is rather usefull as your income increases with the amount of friends referred. At the end you get 15 percent bonus on your income.
-Very easy signup process. Took me less than a minute
-via Creditcard or Check
-My Rating 7/10
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