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Welcome guest ! Hi everyone i am here to share my experience about how to earn money online. This site is your complete guide to earn money online from home without investing A DOLLAR ! Yes belive me Its true the only thing it will demands is bit of creativity and DESIRE !So let us start.....

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guide for the beginners :get started

Hiee ! my friends money matters isnt it ...?
When i was child i used to think that all elder pepole have money power (as so in my surroundings !) and used to assume that with the AGE MONEY and POWER will come !I belongs to middle class family .I am blessed withvery caring family and friendzzz. However, I do not deny that YEH DIL MANGE MORE ! I have always wanted to be rich. I wanted to live a life filled with luxuries. I wanted to be the envy of others. In my opinion, wealth is something that could buy a lot of things. Money can bring you happiness. However, I do not deny that there are many things that money cannot buy. In fact, I believe that there are other more important things in life than money !
By this way journey began ! In past many years taught me
"You can find SUCCESS without hard work only in DICTIONARY !"
I will be describing and (PROBABLY TRYing to) guide all those Mammas ,retired Kids (as they keep on fighting with each other or keep on complaining to their kidz to grab attention), aliens 4m youngistaan that is STUDENTS finding difficult to cope up with expenses in Veeeeeery low pocketmoney (As they allways think their pocket mooney is very lesssss !) Al you pepole can join me to learn
at free of cost (Advice :I do not belongs to all those website ask you to buy $1000 package which will make you rich in a day !Once upon a time i was also victim of those sites with them i could not be rich but they became ! plz do not waste money on that )
You can put your questions comments and suggestion here clicking on comment.

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