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Saturday, January 24, 2009

make millions with google adsense

Many pepole of us wants to make money from adsense with a quick blow ! but adsenseis not just serendipity it requires a systematic efforts to make millions with adsense

HERE ARE SOME importamt tips which can help you lot to make millions with google asense !

1) Relevancy
How relevant your ads are to your content plays a part in what you earn per click. Ads that are specific to your content have a higher payout than general ads on specific pages - or general ads on general pages. How do you get the most relevant ads to show on your page? Make sure your

page is specific, and well optimized for the specific topic or subject.

2) Keywords
Adsense and Adwords go hand in hand. If the keywords you optimize your web page for are very competitive on Adwords... you will earn more per click. If your topic or keywords are NOT very competitive on Adwords, then you will earn a lower amount.

Here's the concept:
Find high paying keywords and build a website around them, using Adsense as your source of revenue. Some people are even creating one-pagers (using reprinted material or free articles) that carry 3 Adsense modules on the one page... and then advertising these pages on Adwords (or other pay-per-click engines).
The goal is to bid on less competitive keywords in the same niche where you can get good placement for the minimum bid. You then advertise your optimized page, which will hopefully display the more competitive (expensive) ads. With this method, you stand to earn way more than you spend...

*High Paying Keywords - this is actually an inaccurate way to call it, though it's the popular phrase used in these discussions. What you are looking for is Competitive keywords. Meaning that the advertisers are paying higher bid prices for these words/phrases because it is a very competitive market. The more they are paying, the more you stand to earn
Do not right for search engines only it should make sense !


jabaz007 said...

I am already using adsense. thanks for tips on improving on it.

Admin said...

There are huge chance to get revenue from adding video units and feed units. Adding an article on this will be highly educational and appreciated.

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