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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to market your blog ? Free tips

Blog marketing is clearly moving at hyper speeds and it is difficult to predict what is here to stay and what is just a fad. However it is clear that we are heading into a transitional phase in all aspects of the business world with online marketing moving in giant strides. How much longer before news papers are gone? Do you really see your children reading the newspaper in 20 years? I don’t. All these new improvements in online communication and many people are still trying to grasp concepts of email marketing.The internet has growing at lightning speed and many people are still trying to grasp concepts like blogging and search engine optimization. You have a large portion of an older generation of business owners that know they need to do something online but the thought of shifting from traditional marketing methods to online marketing just scares the socks off of them. Blogs have been around for a few years now and many business owners have just accepted the fact that this is something they need to do. Many are still confused how it will help their business but they hear from everyone how it is a must so they do it. Now comes Twitter and for most people the concept is easy to understand but you still have a segment of business owners that have just came to the realization that they need a blog so what on earth do they do with Twitter? Everywhere they turn they hear about Twitter and how it is vital to the success of an organization and now they have to sit down and learn and apply this new blogging tool to their business. Will micro blogging pass right by traditional blogging like a runaway train? Is blogging in general just a fad? Nobody really knows.
For years and years all you had was offline advertising. You either put and ad in a newspaper, magazine or a billboard. You have this generation of business owners that just can’t keep up mentally with all the advancements in online technology. How can you blame them? Many savvy online marketers have a hard time just keeping up with blogging and micro blogging and everything else that comes with online marketing. How long before blogs are just not that important? Will we see video cam micro blogging? Nobody really knows where online marketing is heading. Every six months you get a group of people that have invented something great that everyone runs to and jumps aboard without even taking a look at what they are jumpin in !

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