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Monday, January 19, 2009

How to make blog unique ?

1. Make your Blog UniqueIt is important to not re-invent the wheel but rather make a square wheel spin. Do something to stand out. Make your blog appealing to the eye. I know a blog is centered around reading but if your blog is a mess than your readers might be turned off from coming back.
2. Build a Brand Around Your BlogPeople enjoy seeing good branding. It is what gets them talking and better yet talking about your blog to their friends or coworkers. The more unique your branding the more likely they will promote it to their friends. Good branding can be the driving force behind having your blog succeed.
3. If you Build It They Won’t ComeOnce you have built your blog it is important to create avenues that traffic can make their way on. Link building your blog will be important. Researching all the different blog directories and building profiles for your blog will be crucial. You have to let people know you exist otherwise it will take a long time for others to hear your voice.
4. Use Keywords in Your WritingWhen writing posts it is important to use keywords and phrases catered towards your industry so that search engines can find you easily. There will have to be some sacrifice for creativity but messages can still be conveyed. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself whether you are launching this blog for you or for your audience to find.
5. Have Fun With ItIf this blog is for recreation or business purposes have fun it. Be yourself and readers will eventually come. As your business grows your customers and clients will bump into your blog so don’t worry if your blog is making you rich yet. A blog is like building any other business, it takes time and patience.
These are five easy to use tips that should help you with the launch of your blog. It is important to stay patient and continue to write every day if possible in order to keep your blog growing.

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